Date: 2015- Place: Rome Client: n/c Programme: cycle lane Net area:- Phase:Proposal Cost: n/c



“Di Ponte in Bianco” is a temporary public art installation designed for the event “Aperti per Ferie 2016” organized by the cultural association Open City Roma. “Aperti per Ferie ...

Erbil Citadel Park

M 02

The design for the museum park of the Erbil citadel meets the need to enhance the architectural heritage and the will of the local administration to broaden its ...

Open House Rome

OHRoma_Logotype SOCIAL

Rio 2016 Olympic Village

11015 rio volo1

The Olympic Games are an important occasion to give way to a new era for a city. As for all events of such dimensions, during the phase in which the occurrence ...

Gurgaon sector 106

11024 gurgaon 106 01

Gurgaon, one of Delhi's major satellite cities, is assisting to an important urban development, culminating in the construction of large scale residential complexes, veritable independent districts, complete with retail units ...

Residential Complex

M04 UNILIV copia

This residential project for 5000 Ministry employees is a part of the Urban and Master Planning for the Infrastructure of the Youth City in Baghdad made in collaboration with FG ...