Casa Mac


The intervention consists in the refurbishment of a 2 levels penthouse flat inside a 1970s residential building in the coastal neighbourhood of Ostia, Rome. The project is the transformation of a ...

Mobile exhibition II polo

IMG_0268RIT 03

Date:2011 Place: Rome, Italy Client:Rome Municipality Programme:Mobile exhibition Net area: 12sqm Phase: completed Design: Gaia Maria Lombardo con Susan Berardo e Cecilia Metella Micheli

Casa Tot


This refurbishment of a penthouse in the new built area in Acilia, Rome is set in a residential block that tops all the neighbouring buildings allowing a wonderful view of ...



This project describes an original retail concept for an undisclosed client, adjustable to premises of every dimension and shape, with special attention to the lounge bar arrangement. The studied prototype embraces ...

Rio 2016 Olympic Village

11015 rio volo1

The Olympic Games are an important occasion to give way to a new era for a city. As for all events of such dimensions, during the phase in which the occurrence ...

Serlachius Museum

11002 serlachius 04

Together with Gösta Serlachius existing museum, the extension proposal as its counterpart turns Joenniemi into a compound experience of art and landscape that emphasizes the features of both the site ...