Casa Car 01

IMG_0737 ritoccata

This project consists of the refurbishment of an early 20th century building. By rethinking the definition of the space, the penthouse level has been transformed into an independent apartment and ...

Casa Pas


The apartment is located in a building of the Trieste district, dating back to the beginning of ' 900, and organized by a distribution corridor that articulated the living space ...

Casa Mac


The intervention consists in the refurbishment of a 2 levels penthouse flat inside a 1970s residential building in the coastal neighbourhood of Ostia, Rome. The project is the transformation of a ...

Pigneto Restaurant


Date: 2016- Place: Rome, Italy Client: Private Programme: Restaurant refurbishment Net area: 250sqm+garden (250sqm) Phase: Proposal Cost: 300k€

Casa Car 02

Data: 2016- Luogo: Roma, Italy Cliente: Private Programma: House refurbishment Superficie netta: 100sqm Fase: Completed Costo: 80k€

Casa Paq


This intervention consists of the refurbishment of a flat in a Roman 1920s residential building. The project moves from the client's need of dividing the flat into two distinct ...

Spazio Q


The challenge of this project has been transforming an extremely small and fragmented space into a generous one, within a tight budget. The answer to this subject has been given ...